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Advance PowerPoint

Course Outline- 45 Days

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: The PowerPoint interface

Unit 2: Creating presentations
Topic A: Creating a basic presentation
Topic B: Working with slides

Unit 3: Editing slide content
Topic A: Formatting text and lists
Topic B: Editing efficiently

Unit 4: Working with shapes
Topic A: Creating shapes
Topic B: Formatting shapes
Topic C: Applying content to shapes

Unit 5: Graphics
Topic A: WordArt
Topic B: Pictures

Unit 6: Tables and charts
Topic A: Tables
Topic B: Charts
Topic C: SmartArt

Unit 7: Preparing and printing presentations
Topic A: Proofing presentations
Topic B: Preparing a presentation
Topic C: Printing presentations
Unit 8: Slide masters and transitions
Topic A: Slide masters
Topic B: Transitions and timings
Topic C: Custom slide shows

Unit 9: Graphics and media 
Topic A: Modifying graphics
Topic B: Media clips
Topic C: Animations
Topic D: Photo albums

Unit 10: Customizing slide elements
Topic A: Working with SmartArt graphics
Topic B: Customizing tables
Topic C: Working with charts

Unit 11: Action buttons and equations 
Topic A: Action buttons
Topic B: Equations

Unit 12: Integrating Microsoft Office files
Topic A: Applying content from a Word outline
Topic B: Embedding and linking content

Unit 13: Finalizing and distributing presentations
Topic A: Reviewing and finishing
Topic B: Distributing presentations

Unit 14: Customizing PowerPoint 
Topic A: Application settings
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