ApexTG will be entitled to the following benefits after getting accreditation from

* Respect, Recognition and Credibility:
IAO's accreditation gives an assurance that the educational program and procedures of your institute are satisfactory and the students degrees will be accepted by the corporate sector.

* Regional Accreditation:
IAO's accreditation can provide assistance to get your institution regionally accredited by IAO’s partner agencies thus expanding your student base. You can also benefit from incoming and outgoing international student transfers and improve their credentials and international exposure.

* International Promotion:
IAOs regular participation in educational events and online educational portals will promote your institution to students around the world.

* Professional Development Opportunities:
IAO's accreditation provides a unique opportunity for your institutions staff members to serve on accrediting examining committees visiting other universities.

* Recommendations:
IAO's Evaluation Commission will periodically send its publications, recommendations and suggestions to your institution. The main purpose of these publications and recommendations is to keep you updated on the latest developments pertaining to the accreditation standards around the world to help maintain and enhance your educational practices and standards.

Benefits on a Student level

* An assurance that the educational program, policies and procedures of an accredited institution have been found to be satisfactory
* Facilitation in acceptance of credits and degrees among all universities of the world
* Acceptance of a degree by the corporate sector and private organizations

Benefits on a Public level

* An assurance of external evaluation of the institution or program and a finding that there conformity to general expectations in education or the professional field
* An identification of institutions which have voluntary undertaken activities directed at improving its quality and its professional programs.
* An improvement in the professional services available to the public as accredited programs modify their requirements according to the changes in the field of education

Benefits on a Professional level

* Setting the requirements for preparation to enter the workforce
* Bringing together practitioners, teachers and students at one place with the aim of improving professional standing and practices.


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